Certified therapists and teachers can also impart the four basic Hakomi Workshops. These are designed for anyone interested in exploring their habitual ways of relating to others, their limiting beliefs, their ability to quiet their mind and their capacity to engage in nutritious and satisfactory relationships. Hakomi is basically an experiential method. The students learn thru working in pairs or small groups doing exercises that help them to know how they organize their experience around unconscious beliefs and habits. An essential element of Hakomi is learning to cultivate a state of the mind we call Mindfulness. It means taking one´s attention from the outside to the inside in order to notice and study our reactions by becoming a witness of the experience we are having. 

 The four basic workshops are:

      Loving Presence

      Quieting the Mind

      Non Verbal Language

      Nutritious Relationships

Usually these workshops are given in two or more days.  The groups work best with a minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 35.

The Loving Presence Workshop

Loving Presence is a state of being. Its a state in which our hearts feel open, connected, accepting, caring and grateful. It is the best state to be in when offering emotional and/or spiritual support.

Loving Presence demands that we stay in the present both with ourselves and with the other. In Loving Presence we deliberately take the time to search  what about the other person makes us feel good, inspired, touched. In that state we move into a more serene inner and outer rythm; we quiet down.  We might appreciate the other person´s beauty like we would a work of art, or we might be moved by the force of their character, their sense of humor, their wisdom, even their pain. In doing so, or attempting to do so we must be willing to study what old habits and beliefs, born from our personal history and culture, might keep us from either being seen or seeing in loving presence.

In short, in this workshop we will:

• Discover and observe our own habits and beliefs around relating to others that can become obstacles to healthy intimacy.

• Learn  to listen in a receptive, attentive and loving way, which in itself is healing for everyone involved.

• Explore a way of relating that promotes intimacy, trust and connection.

Privada Cochisco # 8 AMATLAN, Tepoztlán, Morelos
Cost: 1,500 pesos
Schedule 10 to 2 - 3:30 to 6.
For more info. call me at 739 395 1893 or cell. 777 198 2553

Tapping Workshops

Tapping works very well in a group setting. It is ideal to first do a general one day tapping workshop. Afterwards, depending on the interest of the participants, workshops can be designed to target any number of issues. For example, in a group workshop about being overweight, the group may find that they have many issues in common around being overweight, such as: If I lose weight and people are attracted to me sexually will I be able to protect myself? My whole family is overweight. If I lose the weight will they exclude me? Is it an act of treason?

Another example of an issue that could be the focus of a tapping workshop is money. Some universal issues that might come up are beliefs such as: Rich people are bad. Some people might feel abandoned by me.  If I have a lot of money it will ruin my life in other important ways. I don't deserve to be rich.

In like manner, workshops can be designed to work on: anxiety, relationships, fears and phobias. And more often than not crippling beliefs such as “I´m not worthy”, "I´m not good enough”,  "The world is not a safe place”, “There is not enough time for me” and “I´m not lovable." The list is endless.

For more information or to find out about designing your own tapping workshop, contact Rosa at