Hakomi is a method of assisted self-study that uses small experiments in mindfulness to access limiting beliefs. This process makes it safe and possible to:
• Challenge, revise and transform limiting beliefs and habits.
• Know and access the missing experiences through a nourishing
and integrating process.

The Hakomi method, conceived and developed by Ron Kurtz over twenty-five years ago, gathers the vast worlds of psychotherapy, Buddhism, Taoism and modern neuro-science. It supports the evidence that the brain is a malleable organ whose functioning changes through experience. In Hakomi, we create a space for self- study by conducting small experiments in mindfulness that allow the therapist and the client to discover how the client organizes their experience around unconscious beliefs and habits. Through Hakomi, the client’s recognition of repeated patterns that produce similar painful or unsatisfactory experiences and relationships may now be challenged and revised. There is room to make other choices. This intimate and deep self study can only unfold in an environment where the person feels respected and safe, where she can discover her own resources and learn to obtain and/or receive the physical, mental and emotional nourishment to move on in a healthier and more satisfying way.

In Mexico we've had the extreme good fortune to have been trained by Ron Kurtz, Donna Martin, Bob Milone and Georgia Marvin.