Traumatic or painful emotions, experiences and beliefs create an interruption of the energetic flow in our body as manifested in our acupuncture meridians. By tapping on certain key points, these become liberated, allowing us to move on.

EFT, founded by Gary Craig in 1995, is one of the major proponents of a relatively new approach to healing called “energy psychology”. EFT is a gentle, quick and painless therapy that helps return the mind, body and feelings to a state of balance and harmony so you are not limited by negative emotions. Negative emotions block the flow of energy in our system and have a detrimental effect on our health. EFT helps in the releasing of these negative emotions by tapping on key meridian acupuncture points while naming the distress and/or limiting belief in a context of love and acceptance of oneself. It will work in a very wide range of ailments, from post traumatic stress disorder to anxiety, fear, phobias, eating disorders and many more. Typically a patient will come in burdened or “inhabited” by a painful or even overwhelming emotion and in the course of less than an hour what seemed so emotionally charged becomes a distant memory, almost as if that belief or situation had happened to someone else. It ceases to be an issue and a sense of joy and well being take over.